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Join as Brady, Catherine, and Jah Jean-Leger discuss the joy of the Lord. Be encouraged as we hear Jah’s thoughts on joy and heart to know, understand, and love the Lord.

Edmund and Ashley

In this episode, Edmund and Ashley share their journey from knowledge of Christ to faith in Christ. Let your heart be warmed by how the Lord used their relationship to lead them both to His cross and redemption. We join in rejoicing with Edmund and Ashley in their salvation and the Lord’s faithful work of sanctification in their stories of faith.

Tom and Gayle

Tom and Gayle Mason share their testimonies of salvation and of the Lord’s continued work in their lives. Tom and Gayle have served faithfully at Evanston Bible Fellowship; Tom from the very founding of EBF! Be encouraged as they share how the Lord is faithful through joy and sorrow.


Be encouraged as Moses testifies of the Lord’s faithful guidance and grace throughout his life. Moses shares what has lead him to Evanston and Evanston Bible Fellowship. He reminds us to be attentive to the Lord’s leading; for His glory and our good.


Evanston Bible Fellowship’s Director of Music and Communication, Jeff, shares his testimony of coming to know and believe in Jesus. We hear about Jeff’s family, his journey to worship ministry, and his vision for EBF’s worship. Jeff’s story inspires us to consider the call in Psalm 46 to “Be still and know that I am God” in all things and in all seasons.

Joe and Amy

Join the table as Joe and Amy share their stories of receiving Christ and of His work within their lives, marriage, and family. Joe and Amy share faithful examples of repentance, healing, steadfast faith, and joy throughout their lives. Their stories lead us into conversation about the call in Hebrews 4:11 to “strive to enter Christ’s rest” and all the ways we must rest in the finished work of our Savior and King.

Stories Of Our Faith Intro

Brady and Catherine share a vision for this audio space, a little bit about themselves, and their hope to see the sharing of EBF’s stories bring encouragement and point us to Christ, who binds us all together.