Preparing for Worship, 2/17/2013

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Preparing for Worship, 2/17/2013

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On Sunday at Evanston Bible Fellowship, we will hear Part 2 of our sermon on “Lust” from the “Seven Deadly Sins” mini-series (you can listen to Part 1 here).┬áPastor Jason will be encouraging us from the book of Proverbs to pursue God’s plan for intimacy and passion, and to embrace the forgiveness and grace available to us when we fall short.

The music team on Sunday will include two male vocalists leading from the acoustic guitar, a third male vocalist leading from the MIDI Keyboard, a Pianist, an Electric Guitarist, a Drummer (who will double on female vocals), and – a new one for us at EBF – a Viola! The setlist seeks to celebrate the character of God, who has secured for us salvation on the Cross of Christ, and who ceaselessly provides forgiveness as he makes us new day after day.

Also this Sunday, we will again be displaying the “Seven Deadly Sins” photo project, so check out the shots and let us know what you think!

Setlist, Sunday, 2/17/2013

Absent From Flesh

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Never Once/Great Is Thy Faithfulness

All Things New

All I Have Is Christ

Great I Am

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