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Recitation Service Video

Recitation of the book of Romans, chapters 7 & 8, by Jason Lancaster (Lead Pastor of Evanston Bible Fellowship). Recorded live at Evanston Bible Fellowship on Sunday, January 6, 2013.

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Sunday Service Recap 1/13/13

Over the next seven weeks, Pastor Jason will be preaching a mini-series within Proverbs on “The Seven Deadly Sins” addressing those sins commonly referred to as “deadly” – Pride, Envy, Anger, Lust, Sloth, Greed, and Gluttony. Of course all sins are deadly, but we as a church will be interacting with these 7 ideas over the next 7 weeks. At the end of this mini-series, we will begin an intense week of prayer, preaching, worship, and community entitled “Prelude to Revival.” This winter and spring are shaping up to be an intense and powerful season in the life of our church. With Pastor Jason preaching on “Pride” this week, we chose to do a set that focused on God as[…]

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Sunday Service Recap 1/6/13

We began 2013 with a bang at Evanston Bible Fellowship. One of the things we are very passionate about as a church is the memorization of God’s Word. A few times a year, Pastor Jason presents a large section of Scripture in dramatic style from memory, and we as a church respond with singing. On Sunday, January 6, Jason presented Romans 7 and 8 in dramatic and powerful fashion. We then celebrated Holy Communion together as a church family. We also took this opportunity as a music team to present a service of hymn arrangements we have been working on since the end of last summer. Our Sunday service was a good old-fashioned hymn sing, although the arrangements were anything[…]


December 2012 Recap

Sorry I have been away from my weekly updates, but I am happy to finally post a recap of the month of December. My wife and I welcomed our first son, Eli Richard Douglas Hudson, on December 5 – hence the pause in blogging. Now I am back, and better than ever! December was a crazy and beautiful time here at Evanston Bible Fellowship! Our first Sunday, December 2, was our annual Jazz Christmas service. Jason preached that week on “Emotions” and we celebrated the Lord’s Supper together as a church family. The next two weeks (December 9 & December 16) we continued to celebrate Advent with sermons on “Wisdom” and “Aging” – the latter of which was preached by Joe Green,[…]

Sunday Service Recap 11/25/2012

Today’s sermon came from Proverbs 3:1-12, and focused on the theme of “Radical Remembrance.” We looked at ways we forget the things of God, and focused on remembering the Gospel in all we do, and remembering God in the way we live our lives. I did not lead the music this week, since I did the preaching! You can listen to my sermon here. The worship this week was led by Matt and Hailey, two of our gifted musicians – they are also a married couple! They were joined by a gifted bassist who also added male vocals, and a flutist. The intimate, folksy feel was beautiful, and the worship set looked at the beauty of Advent, and the mystery[…]

Sunday Service Recap 11/18/2012

This Sunday’s sermon focused on Family as the book of Proverbs describes it. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, which can be challenging for many, we focused specifically on honoring the past in our families, and on raising up the future. Pastor Jason encourages us to honor those who have come before, and to take seriously the commands of Scripture to raise up the future by first committing our lives and hearts to Jesus Christ. The music this week focused on similar themes. I led from the guitar, and I was joined by two other gifted worship leaders from our church; a female vocalist on keyboard, and a male vocalist on acoustic guitar. Joining the three of us was bass guitar,[…]

Sunday Service Recap 11/11/2012

In the wake of a contentious election for President of the United States, we as a church took time on Sunday, November 11, to reflect on the absolute sovereignty of God. We sought to remind ourselves that regardless of whether or not “our candidate” was elected, God is still on the throne, ruling and reigning in infinite mercy and absolute power. As Pastor Jason reminded us, “We are not Democrats, we are not Republicans; we are Absolute Monarchists.” The music for the service focused on themes of God’s power and deity. We sought to frame the service in such a way that members of our congregation would be encouraged to see God as almighty, and would take either their excitement[…]

Sunday Service Recap 11/4/2012

One of my favorite things about Evanston Bible Fellowship is the large contingency of men who are able and willing to preach. Our lead pastor, Jason, only preaches 40 Sundays a year, leaving 12 open to other men who will share his pulpit. Sometimes these men are seminary students, other staff members, deacons, elders, or other members within the church who are gifted and able to preach. This past Sunday, November 4, our sermon came to us from Marion Frackewicz. Marion was a long time pastor of several EFCA churches in the Chicago area, has grown children, and is about to move to Gainsville, FL to be a part of the church EBF is in the midst of planting there.[…]

Sunday Service Recap 10/28/2012

“Jarring Complacency” was the title of this past week’s sermon. Pastor Jason continued in his year-long study of the book of Proverbs, and tackled the issue of complacency in our faith. The sermon was a powerful call to self-examination and repentance, and it looked at causes and effects of a complacent life. The sermon ended with a guided Pastoral Prayer to help us realize the areas we have let ourselves slip with regard to our faith. We continued the discussion of complacency in our Ethos Communities this week, comparing our text from Proverbs to the Church at Laodicea from Revelation Chapter 3. We also sought to humble ourselves and re-commit our lives to Christ through the musical choices for the[…]

Sunday Service Recap 10/21/2012

“Justice is giving humans their due as people made in the image of God.” – Dr. Timothy Keller This morning was a sweet time of worship together at Evanston Bible Fellowship. As a church, we are going through the book of Proverbs. Today’s sermon focused on the ideas of Mercy and Justice, and what it means to do justice and care for the poor as a Christian. We looked at different approaches to engaging with and caring for the poor, and focused on relationship building as a primary way we can seek to work out God’s heart for the downtrodden and cast out. We also looked at some ways that, although well-intentioned, we sometimes do more damage than good in[…]